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Interview with a PSCC Alumna: Julie Ann P. Hernandez, MAEd


Julie Ann P. Hernandez

or Julay completed a 2 year course on Computer Secretarial last 2004 and graduated as a Bachelor of Elementary Education last 2008. She is currently the head registrar of PSCC. Her main responsibility is to facilitate class enrollment. She also ensures that all academic records of current and former students are secure and accurate. read on to know more about her.


What is a highlight of your college experience? Is there something that will stand out; something that you will always remember?

When I joined the Regional Competition of Stenographers which was participated by different Colleges and Universities and Region 2 and pride fully grabbed a Silver Medal Award.

Did you have a favorite subject?

Yes, English.

To date, what have been some of your more important responsibilities?

To ensure that I am a living testimony of what my Alma Mater has taught me.

Have you ever tried something and failed, but were glad you did it? Would you do it again? What did you learn from your experience?

Yes, when I tried to take my board exam after 5 years since I graduated from my Education course. At first attempt I failed, yet I was glad I tried, and overcome [sic] the fear of taking board exams. After 5 months I took it again and with God’s grace I passed it on the second take. I have learned that “It is better to try and fail, than never have tried at all.”

What do you do when you’re having trouble solving a problem?

 Pray, seek advice from my mentors, and review my convictions. 

How would you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as someone who makes a difference in the lives of others. Someone who has an overflowing joy inside that I can share and affect others naturally outside.

What would you tell yourself before?

Don’t quit trying.


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